Internet Marketing tip- go for links in a big way


48.  To begin with consider paying a directory submission in Yahoo! BOTW, Webexperience or other well respected directories. Whilst DMOZ is a great way to start and one which I frequently recommend, if you pay for a directory submission you will get a faster response time.

49.  Build your links slowly to avoid what is known as the ‘’sandbox”.  Five to ten gained links per month is fine. The emphasis is on the quality of the links.

50.  Guest post as discussed already

51.  Create posts with great headlines. For inspiration read  Jay Abraham’s blog  at

52.  Posts  with links are almost invariably always popular, eg ‘Ten little known ways to minimise your tax burden if you are self-employed’

53.  Have a content strategy for your blog

54.  If you can get a link from websites that are .edu or .gov, great! These carry a fair bit of authority and weight than standard sites. SEOmoz wrote and excellent post on how to earn an .edu link which is worth searching for on their site.

55.  Join a highly regarded forum and be active on this. Make sure you put your link in your signature along with your elevator pitch. Join a community such as or

56.  Create a free template for use. Hire a geek to do one for you. The advantage of doing this is that you can brand the template at the footer so it will reside in all the websites that use it. Try eLance to find developers- it doesn’t need to be expensive and the viral payoff could be huge for you.

57.  Whist there is an ongoing debate about the value of directory submissions, (some SEO specialists will simply suggest submitting your site map to Google, MSN/Bing and Ask; maybe DMOZ too) if you wish to do so make sure you submit to directories that have a high page rank.  Visit for a regularly updated list. is quite a good one.

58.  You can get free reviews of your blog from sites such as as mentioned before, or pay for reviews from sites such as If you use a paid service do make sure that they have a higher page rank than your site.

59.  Use your 404 error pages as a way of capturing email addresses- I came across this from one of my Twitter followers who suggested either using the page as just described or turning it into a funny sketch etc. Hopefully you get the picture.

60.  Run a contest with a competitive edge to it and offer a prize; eg a small donation to their favourite charity. Or post a funny video that went viral some time go- people may have forgotten and will enjoy it again. I did the same and got a few retweets and lots of traffic to my blog.

61.  Trackbacks are a good way to build traffic to your blog. If others in our niche are discussing a subject join the conversation and leave some trackbacks

62.  Read Russ Hudgen’s link building model- simply Google this and be inspired

63.  Set up a Google Alerts for your keywords and use this as a means of posting comments on relevant blogs.

64.  Set up a Google Alerts for ‘Sponsorship Opportunities’- less expensive than traditional advertising and it is for a good cause

65.  Take advantage of bookmarking and tagging features where you find them, for example PRWeb and similar press release services.


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