Internet marketing tip- track your metrics


20.  Track your sites statistics- I use Google Analytics which gives me all I need. There are others however such as crazy egg, urchin, web trends which are worth a look. Google Insights for search is a good way of looking a search terms in terms of traffic over time as a percentage of total searches.

21.  Survey your visitors –learn what their demographics are. For example find out which social networks they hang out at and why; basic details such as gender and age and interests, also more specific details such as what they were searching for when they found you, what information they are searching for specifically, how hard it has been for them to find it, where they have searched already for the information, who are they searching for, what would be a reasonable price for the product etc. Survey Monkey is an easy tool to use for this purpose. Simply set up a landing page for this purpose and install it in your web space. Then advertise your survey on Google with inducement eg free samples for completing the survey. End the survey when you get enough responses.

22.  Use a system such as Clicktale to find out where your visitors are spending most of their time on your site.

23.  Once you have a few hundred or more facebook fans, twitter followers etc, display these as a means of social proof on your blog or site. Credibility is all important on the web and it is straight forward to install these onto your site.

24.  Track your competitors too.  A great internet marketing tip is to use sites such as Compete, Quantcast   or Spyfu to keep you ahead. And don’t forget to check their Google Page Rank!



Internet Marketing tip – develop a content strategy


25.  Content really is king on the internet. Here are some ways to get great content if you are struggling with generating on -demand content.


Internet Marketing tip- develop your brand


26.    Guest blog  on relevant sites

27.  Embrace social media as a means of amplifying your brand’s messages

28.   Comment on authoritative blogs which generate logs of comments themselves. This should give you a link back to your site providing you are able to do so. You will increase your chances of getting links back to your site if your comments are well thought through and offer a different or better point of view on a subject.

29.  Try and link your name or your brand with the leaders in your blog. Visit sites such as Technorati or Alltop to find blogs in your niche. Regularly comment on their articles and make reviews of their articles now and then on your own blog

30.  Join communities such as fuelmyblog to promote your blog

31.  Get a great logo for your blog

32.  Make sure your elevator pitch is a single sentence. Your internet marketing tip here is to communicate your business and the solution it offers in one sentence. If you are using Google Adwords you have a limited space to describe your business so your elevator pitch will come in handy here. Also, your website will only receive a few seconds of a visitor’s attention so it is essential to grab their interest quickly so they do not ‘bounce away’.

33.  Put your logo and site information on every item of stationary. Literally every item.

34.  If you are writing an article for an articles site such as make sure you include a bio with your keyword rich anchor text. This is what people will click on in (usually) your bio that appears at the end of the article. Other good sites you could write for include


35.  Remember little acts of courtesy – reply every email, (even if you have a default message to let people know you have received the email); thank those that retweet you on Twitter etc. Think of it as reputation management.



Internet marketing tip- embrace Social Media Marketing

36.  Start a Blog, join Twitter,  and join Facebook

37.  Read my series on blogging. Internet Marketing Tip- take full advantage of Technorati which will allow you the opportunity to submit tags relevant to your blog. You will of course need to join Technorati first (free), then create an account and start to claim all your blogs or sites. Use the tags for every post.

38.  Internet marketing tip- understand that social media is more than Twitter and Facebook

39.  Set goals for your social media marketing: How many email subscribers do you want and by when – for example 500 email subscribers in 6 months? How many Twitter followers do you want and by when – for example 1,000 Twitter followers in 4 months? How many facebook  shares do you want and by when? How many eBook sales do you want and by when – for example sell 1,000 eBooks at £9.99 in 12 months

40.  Select your marketing tactics and tools for example you may want to install a facebook or twitter plugin, setting up an RSS feed/aggregator, setting up share buttons eg addtoany

41.  Keep monitoring and measuring your success, then refine and begin again

42.  Post your content every day or at least three times a week. If this is unsustainable for you, read  my article on content generation

43.  Automate your blog posts to Twitter , Facebook and Google+( if you are on these) to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to read your posts

44.  Read this Posterous post on how to promote your blog

45.  Use question and answer sites to promote your expertise. These include LinkedIn, Yahoo! Answers, and Inboxq for Twitter

46.  Consider running a poll on your site and once you have enough responses, ‘break’ the news on your social networking sites

47.  Give your subscribers something to look forward to – at the end of a newsletter dangle the carrot of future, exciting plans that they will want to be part of, or content that they absolutely must read.


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