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 Internet marketing tip: optimise your site copy


1.      Within each page make sure you structure your content to reinforce the main message it contains. Google seems to give more weighting to the top 25% and bottom 25% of copy on any page. When it comes to judging relevance keywords in these places will outrank those in the middle.  So the internet marketing tip here is to make sure that your main keyword rich messages are near the top and the bottom.

2.      HTML decides the meaning of your content as opposed to how the copy looks. Internet Marketing Tip- learn basic HTML or at least know the main tags.  Your heading tags are contained in tags. Google will give more weight to the h1 tag and this is where your main heading should be. Your internet marketing tip here is to include your most important keywords in your h1 tag.  Google gives less priority to h2 tags and less again to h3 tags.  Also, as a rule of thumb you should only have one h1 tag, fewer h2 than h3 tags.  To view the HTML on any page simply click ‘view’ and then ‘source code’ at the top left hand side of the browser.  Read this series on SEO.

3.      Image links do have an impact on SEO. Your internet marketing tip here is to add your keywords to the alt element off the image <img> tag as this will increase the page’s keyword density however it is really important to keep the description of the image intact at the same time. If you add your keywords to the URL of the image this will also increase the keyword density. All you do is change the filenames of your images to include your keywords, inserting hyphens between the words so it could look something like this: <img scr=”/images/blogging-for-amateurs-example-shot.jpg”    and alt= “Blogging For Amateurs Example Shot”/>

4.      Install the all important All In One Seo plugin – another good internet marketing tip. Enable it and set the Home Title, Home Description and Home Keywords. Simply make sure that your main keywords are included in all three fields. This plugin is a leading SEO one and gives you the same control over SEO as you would have if you started your site from scratch. The plugin will make it easy to ensure that your site is search-engine friendly. You can view it by looking at the source code of this site

5.      Make sure you include a good description in your Meta tag. You can view this in the source code of any web site. The main idea behind them is to provide information about the page to search engines, this will not improve your ranking however it will give you control over how your site appears in the search results.  All the main search engines will use this Description tag as the text that appears beneath the site link so make it as inviting as possible so people will want to click through to your site. Your internet marketing tip here is to note that should you not include a Description Meta tag, all search engines will do is grab some of your content from the page itself and present that to searchers instead. The problem is that the content they choose to grab may not be what you want them to present as the gateway to your site. So the message here is to use the Description Meta tag or lose it.

6.      It is critical to get your title tag right. These are tags that are placed in the <head> section alongside Meta tags. Whatever you type in the title tag will appear as the title of your listing-that is how important they are. Your internet marketing tip here is to include your most important keywords in your title tag as this will boost your natural ranking.

7.      Once your site is fully optimised and you have read as much information on On Page optimisation as you can possibly stomach, it is time to begin your link building campaign. No matter how great your material is to you, it must be recognised as such to the search engines. They will, through means and algorithms known only to them, rank your site highly if it is viewed by them as being relevant and authoritative enough. The way to achieve this is to begin and continue an ongoing, super-effective, long, tiring but so-worth –it-in-the-end link building campaign.  Three factors appear to matter to Google (and here is your internet marketing tip) – the relevance of the links that pint to your site and secondly the age of your site and the quality of the links that point to your site… If you are lucky enough (and I know luck has nothing to do with it- just your sheer brilliance) to acquire links from other highly relevant, high quality sites, you will significantly improve your lot. In Internet Marketing speak you will improve your Page Rank. Page Rank is an algorithm which indicates the relative importance of a web page by analysing its links and which you can check by installing the Google toolbar onto your site or by going to prchecker.info and entering the domain name that you are interested in checking the page rank for. The higher the page ranks the better. It is useful to know the page rank of sites you are linking to as any incoming link from a site with a higher Page Rank than yours will boost your position in the natural search listings as well as increasing your Page Rank.

8.      Submit your sitemap to Google, MSN/Bing. Register your site with the DMOZ directory at www.dmoz.org. This is a well organized directory used by major search engines. If you use other directories check their page rank first to make sure it is higher than yours and therefore worth submitting to.

9.     If you are offered a reciprocal link (I will link to you if you link to me) again make sure that you only do so with a site that is higher than yours. Your internet marketing tip here is to make sure that all outgoing links are set to launch in their own browser tab (its own window) so that you keep the person on your site. To do this, use the following format: <a href =http://www.thewebsite.com target=”blank”>thelinktextyouareaskedto usehere</a>   If you are nervous about doing this then ask a geeky friend to show you how.

10   Once you have done all the above, start a PPC advertising campaign – especially if you have managed to pick up a Google Adwords voucher for free advertising.


Internet marketing tip: advertise


11.  Once you begin advertising eg PPC, make sure you are both creating different ad groups for your different keywords phrases and tracking the success of your ads. Install the Google Website Optimiser plugin into your site, and paste the code you are given in your Adwords conversion page (“Create an Action “) and paste this into the page where you want to track conversions and into the Website Optimiser Conversion script field. Other advertising you could try include Stumble upon advertising which is gaining in popularity.

12.  Make sure you build a landing page for your advertising campaign.  Ask a geeky friend to help you build one if the thought of doing this by yourself fills you with dread. Or email me to recommend stacks of people who would chomp at the bit to do this for you. Or hire a freelancer from somewhere like eLance.

13.  If you want to start earning money advertising, through Adsense for example, make sure you have at least 1,000 daily visitors to your site to make it work for you. Also optimize your adverts- work with them, alter their positioning, layout, colours and content.

14.  Use affiliate programs only when your website has started t receive some high quality traffic. Let others do the selling for you.  Try skimlinks, an interesting way of generating affiliate income- it may work for you.

15.  Make sure your visitors are in no doubt what you want them to do on your site.  If you are after email addresses have an email subscriber box in the most prominent position possible on the page you want them to get to. Experiment, Analyze and Fine tune.



Internet Marketing tip – manage your subscriptions


16.   Use RSS as a subscription option and make this prominent on your blog. Allow people to choose between subscribing by RSS by email or to their reader. This will give you a more loyal readership and makes it easier for people to get your content. So that’s an internet marketing tip for you! It is easy to do, if you are not confident get a geeky friend to help you; or visit YouTube and search for ‘how to install an rss feed’.

17.  Have your email sign up box prominent. Give people an inducement to sign up such as a free download, free regular updates, etc.

18.   Email consistently. If you declare you will email once a week do so?  If you have committed to once a month, stick to it. Loyalty breeds loyalty.

19.  Personalise your email newsletters as much as possible. Write using an appropriate tone- consider the demographics of your subscribers as you write.


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