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Article marketing, done correctly, is a highly effective way to market your products and services.  If you have tried your hand at article marketing without seeing the promised rewards, it could be that you have fallen into some of the common pitfalls. Article marketing does not rely on likes and follows, like social media. It requires the ability to create informative articles that your target audience want and need. Below are some of the reasons why your efforts may not be gaining traction.


Your Article Contains Spelling and Grammar Errors

Audiences in social media sites are more forgiving when it comes to spelling and grammar errors. It’s because social media marketing is treated as if your business was a real person, capable of mistakes. With article submissions sites however, people who write articles are expected to do more than a good job in editing and proofreading their work because they are looked upon as experts in their field. Make use of a professional tone even if you will be writing in the first person. Before you post your article on an article submission site, run it a spell a through a grammar checker (but don’t rely solely on this) and then read it through again… just to be sure. Leave no grammatical stone unturned!

Your Article is Either too Short or too Long


Article submissions sites usually require articles to be at least 300 words long. Some authors go too far and submit articles as long as 2000 words.  You’re not writing a White Paper!  Such long articles are likely to lose the attention of a reader who is likely to get lost in the deluge of words.  There are several expert guides on how to write for the web – read these guides apply their instruction to your article.

On the other hand, an article less than 300 words will probably not contain enough information to communicate the benefits of the product or service or address any potential concerns a reader may have. 


Your Article is not Coherent


Focus on just one or two topics. Avoid the temptation to go off tangent or ramble.  Your readers are generally time poor and will appreciate articles that get to the point quickly.  This does not mean you cannot adopt a specific tone-of-voice in your article. It does mean there should be a coherence to your article, a logical flow, that helps the reader understand what you have set out to communicate. Planning is key.  Although there are several very good mind mapping/planning tools that make the job easier, a basic plan should focus on the things you want your audience to know, think and do (call to action).


Your Links Point to a Badly Designed Website


Even if you are able to write the most impressive articles in your niche, your efforts will be in vain if your website is inadequately designed for the needs of your audience. Successful businesses employ a variety of means of communication on their websites: social media, online chat, email and social media for example. It’s also important to ensure that your links are also directed to pages relevant to the content of your article.


You Have the Same Article in Several Places


A common pitfall is to submit the same article to several article submission sites. This has the effect of alienating potential customers who find the same article in different sites. If you wish to submit your articles to several submission sites, try, at the very least, to tweak them sufficiently enough to appear different.



Author Bio

Alicia Randall is a content writer who is passionate about writing. Her aim is to educate and influence her readers in this technologically driven society.  She is new to the online writing industry and aims to excel in this field.  Alicia specializes in the field of business and technology. She has written for websites such as You can follow Alicia Randall on twitter.

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