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Over the years it has always been said that “content is king” when it comes to online marketing strategies.  Today, that premise still holds true.  However, recent changes in search engine algorithms have shifted how marketers approach their online efforts.  The days of publishing poorly written, keyword-stuffed content are long gone.  

Today, search engines are driving webmasters to much higher standards than ever before.  The underlying premise is that most Internet users today are savvy and aren’t looking for websites that use the best traditional search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, but those websites that are the most authoritative on a given topic.  

Content marketing is an ever-evolving sector of SEO, but the one driving force that seems to have made its mark is that quality really does matter.  Because Internet users want value, blogs and websites that offer accurate, well-written, and up-to-date content that is worth sharing are those that typically thrive.  Here are five effective website content marketing strategies that can make a website a success.


#1 – Understand what the audience needs

While it is true that the content on a website needs to be of the highest quality, it doesn’t do much good if it does not meet the desires and needs of the intended audience.  Therefore, it is absolutely essential that online marketers understand what their audience wants to see.  Determining this will take a little bit of research; pay attention to the types of articles that are most popular on blogs within the industry; figure out which past blog posts got the most attention and reaction from readers, or even conduct a poll among site visitors.


#2 – Dedicate sufficient resources to content marketing

Excellent content does not happen on its own – marketers must have a team dedicated to producing such content.  Once the topics that will be most interesting to the audience are identified, a sufficient amount of time and money must be set aside to properly implement that strategy.  Having a competent team ready to create articles, infographics, videos, and other content will eventually result in a positive ROI and attract more business, thus boosting the company’s bottom line.


#3 – Don’t settle for less when it comes to content

In order for a content marketing strategy to work efficiently, there must be high editorial standards for every article, blog post, and video.  Although it can be tempting to cut corners on content creation from time to time, it isn’t worth the setback such a move could cause.  Weak content can ultimately damage the brand through a reduction in readership and eventually falling sales will be the result.  


#4 – Build a social presence

Those online marketers that thought social media was a passing fad probably aren’t working in the industry these days.  One of the most important and influential aspects of any content marketing strategy is social sharing by readers and customers.  The most successful marketers do not simply wait for readers to share the content – they are proactive in building their presence.  It is important to commit time to connecting with others via the various social channels, including Twitter and Facebook.  The goal is to build a following, because after all, word of mouth is always the best advertising.


#5 – Consistency is key

It is important to remember that not every bit of content will generate a whirlwind of discussion or significant interest, even if it is well-planned and of excellent quality.  Some pieces will just not resonate with readers.  However, it is important to be consistent with content delivery.  So, stick to a regular schedule of content creation and create fresh content regularly.  In doing so, the brand will develop a reputation for authority and a strong online presence will follow.

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