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In today’s digital age, we have access to more data than ever before. At home, consumers are inundated with information across their televisions, computers and many other facets of daily life. For companies, this increased access to data can pose a serious storage problem. For home-based and small businesses, storing all of the documents encountered during normal business operations can be difficult, space-consumer and time-demanding. By looking at the document storage problems facing companies in today’s digital world, we can identify some very practical and affordable solutions.


Off-Site Document Storage


Running out of space is an all too common problem for many small-businesses. Between storing documents for your company’s needs and according to legal requirements, boxes and filing cabinets can fill up faster than most people think. Rather than renting additional storage space or upgrading your office for the sake of room, consider off-site document storage. 

Many document security companies will safely store your data for you in their secure warehouse. These items are tracked with efficient chain-of-possession systems in order to guarantee they your information is kept private. Not only will this reduce clutter, but it will also house your documents in a safe location. If, down the road, you need anything that is kept in storage, these companies will find and bring your documents back to your office for you.


Holding Software Code In Escrow


One unique problem which has popped up for businesses over the past decade or so is how to manage intellectual property such as software code. For companies who focus on writing code and producing digital software, ensuring that the business you’re under contract with is going to pay for the work performed needs to be a high priority.

By utilizing a software escrow service, document companies can act as a trusted intermediary between your organization and your clients. Using a document storage company to handle your software escrow ensures that your cash flow remains safe from delays in payment and that all parties in the transaction are subject to the verification of completed work. Also, utilizing the services of a document storage company will guarantee that any issues are dealt with by an un-biased external mediator. 


Document Scanning & Digitising


For documents and other information that your company needs to keep, but does not need to store physical copies of the paperwork, document scanning and digitizing services provide a way to keep your data without the clutter. Instead of filling box after box with old paperwork, having your documents scanned and then destroyed will cut back significantly and the amount of storage space your small business needs. While many companies gaff at this idea under the pretense of saving costs, there are a number of reasons why you should outsource this task.

Transitions your paperwork to a digital medium can be beneficial for your company in a number of different ways including:

Scanning your documents in real-time so that your team have immediate access to them.

Scan a large number of documents in bulk for the quick indexing of similar data.

Access your information anywhere through secure servers hosted by the document storage firm.

Advanced software can scan and convert handwriting to text.


If your company is starting to run out of storage space, consulting with a document storage firm may be your best choice. These companies offer a number of different solutions to help your small business clear up unnecessary paperwork messes and ensure that your team has access to your data when they need it. Through services such as document storage, software escrow and the digitising of paperwork, these firms can increase your company’s efficient and decrease the amount of clutter you have taking up space in the office.


Leilah Osher is a writer and business consultant for She contributes her experience and opinions to a number of different business blogs such as

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