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Imagine your business’ well-engineered service and goods available to 10,000 people.  Now, imagine your revenue stream when made accessible to more, potentially twice or threefold.  A brand’s chances of making impressions on market consumers increase as more platforms are exercised.

It doesn’t take a keen businessperson to understand the effectiveness of widespread marketing; a large, casted net invites consumer opportunities from a larger pool of people.  It’s estimated that more than 75% of the world’s population is online. The digital numbers are too tempting for business owners to deny.  Smart owners seek marketers who can union online and offline brand opportunity.

The business world, once exclusively offline, is becoming ingrained online, leveraging digital opportunities.  How is your business coming along with the transition?  Are you faring better than the competition?  Consider the following transitional marketing methods.

Custom Landing Pages

When you advertise in a magazine, how many people see it?  Can you measure?  When you invest hundreds of dollars or more in a billboard, is it worth the investment?  Businesspeople need to accurately measure returns on investments.  Businesses can leverage online landing pages to measure the effectiveness of offline endeavors, such as magazine ads.

“By creating custom landing pages, you can focus on the main goal of the ad and target it toward the audience type that would be coming from your offline marketing campaign,” observes an online marketer.  Businesses create specialized online ads, measuring the effectiveness of offline prompts.  This presents a means of measurement as well as brings brand messages online.


Social Media and Tradeshows

Businesses invest time and human resources toward making sales and great impressions at tradeshows.  However, the occasion presents a limited time to get people to notice what you have to offer them; the reason swag is so popular, brands want potential customers to remember them above the din of the event.

Additionally, marketers urge brands be proactive before events, using social media to create pre-show hysteria.  “Use your online reach to educate people why they should stop by and connect with your team in an offline situation. Consider offering something exclusive to social media followers who stop by your booth.” Brands leverage multiple platforms and occasions to strengthen brand messages, in this case, creating curiosity and legacy around a tradeshow.


Mobile Advertising

“As the use of mobile devices becomes more and more ubiquitous, retailers, in order to keep up with the fierce competition in the market, are quickly realizing the need to embrace mobile advertising as a way to drive traffic to their retail stores,” offers a digital strategist urging mobile participation.  Savvy businesspeople follow consumer behavior. How many people use smart phones these days to communicate and make commercial purchases?

1.2 billion consumers access the Web from mobile phones. Retailers and brick-and-mortar brands find ways to prompt consumers, especially those in the vicinity, to check out offered goods and services.  The notion of geo-targeting allows companies to target specific locations, those filled with smart phone-carrying consumers, seeking goods and services.


David Kendall is a digital marketing consultant. His articles mainly appear on marketing blogs where he loves passing on his expertise. Visit the Impact Office Signs link for more details and ideas.


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