Many of the phrases that I call “redundant” are meaningless stock phrases that add little, if anything, to the core of your message. You can spot these redundant words by reading them aloud; doing so will show you just how ludicrous they sound.

My advice is to put your copywriting on a strict diet by avoiding these unnecessary “flab” words. Doing this will make your writing concise and readable.  Read my top nine fattening words/phrases:

1. Being that.  This phrase gets used over, and over, and over again. As you have seen, it is an overused phrase that must be banished to the fat bin as soon as possible. Since or because is better.


2. Basically.  Evidently very popular, this qualifier is basically, essentially, and totally useless.


3. In the absence of.  You can do without it.


4. At this point in time.  This one’s the equivalent of 10,000 calories of junk-food. Try the slender now.


5. When time permits.  For the record, time does not permit. People do.


6. Kindly advise.  I am yet to meet someone who advises unkindly. Please lose it, don’t use it.


7. Don’t hesitate to.  Typical example:  “Don’t hesitate to call the branch”. Write instead: “Please call  the branch”. 


8. By virtue of.  Virtue has nothing to do with it.  Just because


9. Also.  What I’m referring to here, is the use of the word “Also” at the beginning of a sentence.  I think it’s a pretty inelegant positioning, although that in itself is not a crime. The reason this word has appeared in my list is that it smacks of an afterthought. In other words, what you have written is just a list, and this next item is an afterthought to that list.


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