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For small business internet marketers, how to achieve a high level of productivity with less( time, money, resources etc) is the holy grail of most marketers. There are a plethora of tools out there that promise much and deliver little in terms of productivity.- that is the lesser problem. How do you cut through the noise of well intentioned affiliates to land on what you actually need?  Experience tells me that the talking to those you repect who have tried and tested productivity enhancing tool is the first port of call. Through this route I have come across some pretty sound resources, such as Wridea- an easy to use tool to help you organise and share ideas online, Listhings- a ‘bulletin board’ for the computer, and then there’s Mindjet.

Mindjet provides marketers a flexible set of abilities that help internal and external teams work jointly, from brainstorming ideas and setting schedules, to managing product launches, marketing campaigns, and events.

Mindjet creates software that helps people in visualizing and utilizing information. Its most popular product, MindManager software, facilitates individuals and teams to work smarter, think innovatively, and save time every day. There are more than a million licenses of MindManager software used all over the world by 85 of the Fortune 100 companies and more than 50 percent of Global 2000 organizations. Customers also have the option of using  Mindjet Coupon Code  for the services offered by it. Mindjet is based in San Francisco with offices throughout the world.

It supports in the enhancement of event management by establishing a central storage area online so that everyone can find and access event plans, contracts, budgets, and artwork. It also employs integrated comments to avoid losing track of ideas and attachments in long email threads.

It also helps in reforming campaign creation and PR activities by capturing the team’s best thinking and gain agreement on campaign themes using Mindjet’s visual canvas to brainstorm, set goals, and review messaging. It manages action items and content revisions with flexible task management, efficient for both agency and internal team management. Mindjet also creates shared diagram containing significant information about the key influencers so that those involved in briefings and social media outreach can quickly tailor communications. It assists in sharing work in progress, exchange comments, and track revisions using version control and check-in/check-out capabilities.

Mindjet aims at enhancing go-to-market execution by developing a realistic launch plans by giving everyone a say in planning process. It also helps in visualizing goals, and schedules using an interactive format that visibly displays main concern and dependencies. It uses shared task management to keep teams in synchronization, merge launch-related files into a central library from almost any device. Using a  GoToMeeting Promo is the perfect way to get GoToMeeting web conferencing at a reduced price. It is the preferred solution for businesses that need to hold down their conferencing costs and keep in touch with customers, contacts, and employees. It is also a great product to assist families keep in contact over long distances. Overall, users find it reliable and easy to use. The software permits an unlimited amount of meetings for up to 15 people.

Experience tell s me , you should try it.

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