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Video is an increasingly dominant form of online content, with sites like YouTube attracting millions of visitors every single day. People like videos because they’re easy to digest, and often because they’re entertaining. Videos give content creators limitless opportunities for creativity, and allow them to communicate with their audience in powerful and personal ways. Video is often seen as key to a social media strategy, but is often overlooked by SEO specialists focused on improving search rankings. 

To make your videos easy to find, it’s important to give them titles and descriptions that are informative and, where possible, unique. For example, a video titled ‘dog barking’ will easily get lost amongst a mass of similar content, whilst a video called ‘white Jack Russell terrier barking’ will be more visible to people making more specific searches. One strategy is to upload the same video with different titles so that it appears for a wider range of searches. 

Video SEO is becoming increasingly effective because Google is increasingly including video content in its search results. In the past, the first page of search results was simply a list of 10 web pages. Now however, rich content such as YouTube videos are often displayed above other results, with Google Maps listings and imaged indexed by Google also being incorporated into the SERPs. 

When embedding a video onto a web page, giving the video and the page the same title is preferable. By including the keywords you’re targeting in the video title and the web page meta title, this will help build the authority of the page for the relevant keywords.  

With so much attention being given to videos by Google, website owners can put themselves ahead of major organisations and companies if they’re prepared to make the most of this opportunity. Well titled videos may rank highly, but it is then important to transfer that into relevant website traffic. The video must be relevant to the title so that users are compelled to watch, but the content should also persuade viewers to visit your site. Messages can be included in a video, telling viewers to find out more by visiting your site, for instance, and there are also pay-per-click advertising options for marketing your website via your YouTube content.

It’s clear that corporate video production will become increasingly important for anyone looking to increase visits to their website, and anyone who ignores this could well get left behind. 

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