If your business is driven or at least affected by weather conditions, one of the ways in which you can make your website useful is to add a weather forecast to your site. This is pretty easy to you and takes just a few steps.

The myWeather gadget takes data from the www.weather.com site and displays it in a clear and user-friendly format. This means you do not have to update your site manually every day and the myWeather gadget allows you to fix the forecast area which is useful if you want to prevent people searching for other forecasts.



Here's what to do:

myWeather gadget homepage How to add a weather forecast to your website


  • Go to the myWeather gadget site and click on the ' Add to your webpage' button to view the Preferences page
  • To configure the myWeather gadget you will have to look up the location code of the area for which you need the forecast. Head over to the myWeather site and type in your UK town or nearest town eg NW10 3HH. Copy and paste this code into the Zip/Location Code box on the gadget's configuration page and then click the Preview Changes button to make sure the gadget is showing the forecast for the following few days in your specified area.
  • Delete any text in the title area ; you don't need this. Increse the height to 270 pixels to remove the vertical scroll bar. If like me you are in the UK, select Metric Units in the drop-down box so the temperatures are shown in Celsius and not in Fahrenheit – but it's up to you.
  • Once you have set your customisations and are satisfied that the gadget is displaying the forecast for the right area, click on the 'Get the Code' button to display the embed code. You can now cut and paste this into your webpage where you want the forecast to be displayed.


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