I am having a great time at the moment experimenting with different plugins. Here are ten of the best ones that range from SEO boosting pluging  to plugins that will improve your reader experince. I suggest heading over to the WordPress.org site and having a further read if you want to know more.  All the plugins below have been tested to work will with the latest version WordPress; making your site a better place to be for you and your visitors ( and the search engines). One tip here though is that if you are planning to install a plugin which is not in the WordPress repository it may be worth installing it locally first . I have heard too many stories of plugins crashing sites- don't be a victim!


Here are my list of ten and you can find out more about them be searching and clicking on 'details' in your plugin repository or visit http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/name of plugin:


This one really is a must. I have written about wordpress backups in a recent post and referred to this great plugin.  If for some reason you cannot activate it through your admin panel go to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-db-backup




Ok , so everyone knows about this right? Well, no. I have come across far too many bloggers who do not have a spam comment filter activated and this is a solid one to use. It is free  to use ( except for enterprise users and big business) however you need to get an API key from Akismet to use it. 



This has to be one of the best SEO boosting plugins out there. There are a few versions available- as there are for most plugins; the one I use is the one by Michael Torbert. The cool thing about the plugin is that you can choose whatever title you want for your actual post, but use the descriptor that comes with the plugin to select a different SEO title for the post which will appear in your browser user and which will be read by search engines. The plugin itself prompts you to add a title, description and keywords to each post. I



Another great plugin; in essence when people visit your site with a smartphone, they are presented with a view that conforms to their smaller screens.




If you are one for pretty ampersands and such like, then this is one for you. There a many great built in functions with this plugin and the best approach is to install and experiment with it!



WordPress.com runs automoatic stats  but if your site is self hosted you will have to install this plugin and enter an API key




Do not , whatever you do, leave yoru email address on your site. There are far too many unscrupulous folk out there ready to bombard you with spam emails- bots literally scan sites looking for email addresses. Instead, install a contact form such as this simple but effective one- Contact Form 7 and which you can style to suit your particular aesthetic.




This is another plugin designed to add value /interest to the visitor experience. Photos get enlarged within a 'fancybox' – people love it!



A key  value of online marketing is in the ability for a message to be spread, 'virally' by communities of people. Make it easy for people to share your message by installing a sharing plugin such as Sharedaddy.



I don't see this plugin being used that often, but it is one I intend to use soon as I like the concept. Simply it adds navigation to your site, adding a numbered list at the bottom of your page. This is particularly good if you have a lot of content.


That's it! What plugins have added value to you and your visitors?  Email us to let us know!

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