1. Amplify your message on various online channels

The most obvious advantage of the internet is in its superlative ability to virally communicate your message, thanks to the proliferation of a variety of online channels. You can have your company news on your press page within your website, tweet the link on Twitter, re-communicate it on Facebook, LinkedIn or email it to your opted in email list. There’s much more you can do of course. In my favourites is a great post by the reputable Anne Smarty of My Blog Guest which discusses the various ways of repurposing content, thereby giving “life” to what could otherwise be a bland article. Her suggestions include creating a comic, a flow chart a typographic image, and more.  How about a slideshare presentation? You can read Smarty’s article here:


It is a fact that people learn in different ways. Some of us are more comfortable with the written word, others are more visual, and some prefer audio. Your customers will want to access your communications in different ways. The corollary of this is the amplification of your voice on multiple online marketing channels, and in different formats. Get creative!


2. Automate the distribution of your content

If you do not have sharing buttons on your website, please get some now! There are several options- I use Addtoany.com; however most are good. Sharing buttons will enable your content to get shared on the main social media and social bookmarking channels at a click. You should also have clear buttons visible on your homepage which point to your Facebook page, your blog, Twitter and LinkedIn account – all the accounts where your business has a presence. A good idea is to use your Facebook page as an information tab which can be optimized to include a link to your key online platforms; your Twitter account, your blog, your website etc.  You can link your Twitter account to your site and/or blog.  If you are on LinkedIn, use your account to link to up to three places, for example your website, blog and Facebook page. 

There are great tools such as Twitterfeed; www.twitterfeed.com  which can be used to automatically tweet your new blog posts. Networked Blogs can automatically feed your blog posts to your Facebook business page, and great resources such as shortstackapp make it oh-so-easy to add your autoresponder codes to your Facebook page so you can capture new business. Shortstack app also has an RSS icon and Twitter icon as additional features for your Facebook business page. If LinkedIn is a key destination for you, there is s an area under your profile under the Applications section which will enable you to sync your blog posts to your profile. Tap in to these automation tools by all means, but do also add your own “spontaneous” opinion to the mix too, so you keep things as fresh as possible.


3. Make your content easy to access


Add an RSS icon (Really Simple Syndication) to your blog so loyal readers can have new posts fed to them on their chosen readers or to their email inboxes.  A great solution is to use Feedburner.com.



4. Optimise your email signature

Tools such as www.wisestamp.com are great ways of creating signatures which also contain all the social media information your customers will need and can be customised to your aesthetic.


What tools do you recommend to maximise your website’s pulling power? Write to us and let us know!

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