Guest Post: Alia Haley

Relevant direct marketing is actually what the modern world refers to as 'Customization'- delivering a personal message, packed and profiled as per the requirements of your customers. It essentially pertains to the trinity of understanding, grasping and catering. You need to understand what your audience truly wants, grasp the precision of their desires and finally cater to their needs in an efficacious manner. However, not all of us are able to succeed in the art of relevant direct marketing. We tend to commit some mistakes which ultimately, take the sheen off our targeted efforts. Thereby, it is required that you understand the typical pitfalls of relevant direct marketing. 


Common & General communication


 Most of us are in a habit of passing on common and general messages to everybody on our list. Nonetheless, in this process we conveniently overlook the simple fact that our audience is not as uniform as our message! In order to cater to the needs of a diverse audience, we must adopt a multi-dimensional and personalized approach. Divide them into various segments depending upon their characteristics and requirements. This is called profiling. Once this is done, it will be easier for you to devise communication strategies which are varying in nature and multiple in extent. 


Incorrect timing-


Another major pitfall that businesses consistently engage in, is timing their message inappropriately. What is the point of showing customers what they can buy, when their income does not permit them to? This is exactly why, businesses need to connect with their audience throughout their active life spans in order to gauge when they would enter the buying cycle. Profiling comes handy in this case. It helps you grasp the precise time and the definite manner in which your potential client would make a purchase. 


Poor feedback process-


In marketing, feedback holds primary importance. If you really don't know how your prospect feels about your product, you will never be able to engage him/her for a long time. When we put out our websites, we make sure that the content that goes virtual is worded, presented and priced correctly. Nonetheless, we do not bother to put in our contact details! Even if they do find a place, either the customer service response lacks luster or the participatory process is nipped in the bud. To activate a proper response mechanism, this tendency must be checked and corrected at the earliest. Find the best time to interact with your clients and keep them updated. 


Single medium use-


The theory which works with most customers is not 'either print or electronic'- The communication medium must be a perfect blend of both. Instead of using a single medium to put across your message, make use of a plethora of channels placed at your disposal. It is only when an appealing message strikes the customers time and again, via different mediums, that they are coerced into giving a response and initiating an action. 


By eliminating these pitfalls, it would become easy for you to initiate specific, aimed and consultative direct marketing mechanism. After all, relevant direct marketing holds ground only as long as it truly remains relevant. 

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is keen on  cell phones. These days she is busy writing and reviewing, such as her review on the Android PDF Reader  and best mobile phone.

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