If you are looking for another income stream for your website or blog, and your blog attracts a good amount of traffic, it will be well worth your time investigating advertising opportunities.  As well as doing your own research, here are some ideas to get you thinking about what could be the best route for you to pursue. We don’t have advertising yet on ihubbusiness, but this is a consideration for the near future. The search for the best option begins with a realistic assessment of what will work for your website or blog, and here’s a list of ideas to get you started:


 Your own website/blog


1. Include an “Advertise with us” link on your navigation menu bar


The benefits of doing his is that it will allow those businesses who are looking for places to advertise easily navigate to the page where you display your rate card details. Furthermore you will be communicating to those who may be interested that you are now accepting advertising.


2. Use any unused ad banners as “Advertise with Us”  placeholders


If, you have banners with no ads, why not turn them into “Advertise with Us” banners?” I suggest only use it on one or two unsold spots to avoid any semblance of “need”. An advantage of using your banners is that it shows potential businesses looking for advertising how their advertisement might be displayed on your blog.


4. Let your subscribers know


Let your subscribers know that you are now accepting advertisements, and direct them with a link to your “Advertise with Us” page. Alternatively, if you prefer, ask them to email you if they are interested. This way you can begin a conversation with them about advertising that leads to a “win-win” solution.


5. Let your blog readers know


Similarly you can invite your blog readers to advertise their businesses/products at the bottom of your blog posts, again via a link to your “Obviously you should include a link to your "Advertise with us”.  With a WordPress blog ask your web designer to edit the single.php file so this message appears on every blog post- if you are unsure of how to do this yourself. 


 6. Examine who is linking to you

If you know who is linking to you  why not contact the blog or site and ask if they would be interested in showcasing their products or services on your blog?


Ad Networks: a great way of finding out which businesses are already spending money on advertising. Here are a couple you could explore

7.  BuySellAds.com 


On the BuySellAds homepage you will be able to see the list of “Sample Advertisers”. It will also be worth your while having a look at the publishers that are listed on the site too. Have a look at the homepages of the publishers and see who is advertising on them. These are your potential sponsors/advertisers. Let them know of the opportunity you could offer to them.



8. AdBrite 


In the site directory here you will find a list of websites that accept ads through the network. Again, see who is buying advertisements – these are potential advertisers for you. You can also filter by niche which helps ensure you are only making contact with relevant businesses.



9. Review sites

Review sites are basically sites that allow bloggers to review the products of services of business that are willing to pay for a review. Examples include reviewme, sponsored reviews.com; whereby once you sign up as a “Blogger” you can view the list of companies willing to pay for someone to review their sites. Ergo, these companies may also be open to advertising – you can only try by contacting them! 



Other sites in your niche: another way to find out who is advertising. 


10. Look for banner advertisers


Companies that purchase banners are usually those who have contacted the website owner directly. Contact them yourself, as they have already demonstrated a willingness to advertise. Do mention where you saw their banner ad, mentioning that you believe your site would meet their advertising needs very well, and why.


Using the search engines


11. Search for complementary products or services 


If you were to Google related products or services you will be presented with websites that may well consider advertising on your site; particularly if your audience is relevant to them. 


12. Look through the Sponsored Listings


Once you Google your products or complementary products you will likely see the list of companies that are paying for their listings in the “Sponsored Links” section on the right hand side. Again, these businesses are also likely to be open to advertising on your site. 


13. Set up a Google Alert

As a little experiment I set up a  a Google Alert for “thanks to our sponsors”. I was inundated with many websites who display their gratitude to their sponsors. Yes, these sponsors are potential advertisers and may well be interested in advertising on your site. 


Leverage social media: Social Networks offer plenty of advertising opportunities to investigate: 

14. Facebook Ads


Facebook leads the way in social networking site at around 800 million users. It also comes with its own advertising platform worth browsing. Search for adverts in your niche to locate potential advertisers.



Have a go and let us know what has worked for you. We’d love to know!

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