Outtwittered? 7 cool ways to use Twitter

On January 6, 2012, in Social Media, by Lola B


I recently tweeted my 'learn of the week'( lol- ok one of them) which was that whilst Twitter is great as a marketing tool, it is hardly a place for nuance. This got me thinking that it was about time I responded to the still many people who profess to not 'get' Twitter, and write a post specifically for them. So below, my tuppence worth on how to use Twitter. I hope you find it useful!


1. Establish your business know-how

Twitter is a great way of establishing yourself as an expert in your field or niche. You can communicate your opinion to your stream which in turn has the potential to be retweeted and go 'viral'.  Communicate your advanced knowledge through your tweets , answer questions quickly through question and answer sites such as inboxq, and steadily but certainly you will raise your profile in your niche and your credibility will grow.


2. Network with others in your niche

There are several services or resources that will enable you to follow others in your niche; such as Wefollow.com. It is also worth using keyword finder services such as social oomph to find tweets relevant to your keywords so you can target those tweeters as potential follows.

As a first step, you will be best advised to follow those whose tweets you appreciate.  People will also " follow" others whose tweets they appreciate.Take the time to write excellent posts that people will want to read. As you begin to accumulate followers, work to build relationships with them. Adopt the maxim of seeking to understand before being understood.  Giving before getting. Share links,resources, retweet others' tweets that are of high quality- ie not randomly, and listen to what is being said. Invite the opinion of others. Networking has been the best  and most rewarding use of Twitter for me.


3. Make business contacts

This is another great way of adding to your business 'little black book'. Looking for a web designer? A copywriter or blogger?  Let Twitter be your personal directory.


4. Generate ideas for blog posts

If you are suffering from what is typically known as "writer's block" , Twitter can help you get your creative juices flowing. Tune in to Twitterchats that are relevant to your niche and find out what is foremost in people's minds. Use Twitter trends to see what topics are "hot".


5.Be the news

Ok, so you are probably asking yourself how this could be possible. Quite simply, if you are attending a "live" event such as a seminar or conference, you are hearing "live". If you come across new information, take the opportunity to tweet this information to your stream, " break" the news. It is also a good way of sending out multiple tweets real-time – but don't bombard! Then, go one step further and expand on your tweets in your blog posts or make a slideshare presentation to share on a platform  like slideshare.net.


6.Drive traffic

Twitter is now synonymous with things " going viral". Whilst this is difficult to achieve for a small business, Twitter has a superior reach capacity which cannot be ignored. All you really need to do is write a very relevant, added value piece with a great, enticing headline and chances are this will be retweeted out to others. Other great ways to drive traffic to your blog include launching a promotion on Twitter, or a contest. If you have a new template out or a new feature on your blog you should also draw attention to this through Twitter.


7.Resources finder

I have already mentioned that Twitter is a great way to make new contacts. It is also an outstanding means of finding and sharing resources. If you need a service or product, simply send a tweet!

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