Having great images to dress your blog posts makes for terrific eye-candy for visitors to your blog. Nowadays it is so easy to get hold of fabulous photos through the creative commons scheme that there really should be no excuse not to use images on your posts. With that in mind, here are six  great sites to start with, with a great bonus: a photo editing site that won't – at the time of writing at least – cost you a penny!




Guess where this photo came from? Yep, creative commons usage in action. Flickr is my first port of call when it comes to sourcing images. Don't forget to provide attribution and link back to the source.


2. Stock Xchange 

Another great place to visit. Be sure to check the restrictions that apply to each photo you download and the copyright and attribution requirements before you use a photo. There are also images you can get for a fee.



Here you'll find a large selection of free images you can use on your blog. You may need to ask for permission and provide a link back to the source



A favourite with most bloggers I know! This site will give you free access to high-res images form quality websites such as Getty Images and more. All you do is search the Picapp database, copy the code you are given and paste it into your blog's HTML editor before publishing.  The image you choose will appear in the post with a gadget strip. The idea behind this is that when a person clicks on the gadget strip, they are taken to another page where related images and advertisments appear. Make sure you read their Terms and Conditions of use. 



This is not a site I am familiar with – yet, however others I know recommend it as a good source of royalty free stock photos.

And now your 'free' bonus-  I highly recommend pixlr- which comes with a whole range of cool tools for editing your photos, from a nifty little 'cloning' tool to  a 'sponge' tool, as well as the sorts of features you would find in Photoshop. Except in  my view Pixlr is much more user friendly. I have posted an outstanding video tutorial on how to use Pixlr( no, not by  me!) which goes through every single feature of it. Check out my Tweets of this week and you'll find it.


photo credit: PinkPoppyPhotography

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pixel 5 Cool Sites for Free Images

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