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Guest post – Sarah Wickline


The days of physically hanging out a shingle to make your presence known are outdated.  Even the old fashioned method of hanging flyers or purchasing billboard space is too minimal to really span the reach necessary to help launch a startup.  These days online marketing isn’t an afterthought or a bonus; it is an integral part of building a business and claiming a market share.  Here are a few tips for marketing a startup business:


1. Social Media Buzz

There is no way to circumvent the need for social media attention for businesses.  Even if you’re just opening a small toy store in a bedroom community, you need a Facebook page.  Clever and entertaining Tweets will also draw a following and generate brand loyalty among customers. 


2. Blog/Vlog

Separate from your social media presence it is also necessary to have a blog roll on your home page.  Use video as well, there’s nothing quite like it to grab attention.  YouTube is absurdly popular for a reason.  Post on other people’s blogs as well to draw attention back to your site.


3. Brand Presence

We are living in a unique time as far as business goes.  People go out of the way to patronize companies that treat their workers well and give back to the community. Happy employees are better workers, and that will effect how the company runs in the end.  Earn customer loyalty through positive company culture and stellar customer service. Blog/vlog about the things that make your company special and create a reputation for yourselves that is irresistible to the outside world. 


4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not something you spend a few minutes doing every few days—it’s something you outsource. The other guys are doing it, so they will beat out your desire to rank on the top pages of search engines because they didn’t treat SEO like an afterthought.  Step up to the industry standard and hire a specialist to ensure your websites position on page 1, rather than letting it get buried on page 7. 


If people know who you are, what you’re doing, what you’re about and can find you, they will patronize your business.  Whether it be goods or services, these tips can help optimize your web presence and increase traffic to your site for better business.


 Sarah W. writes about small business, inventory management and entrepreneurship for the Blog Content Guild.


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