One of my subscribers has finally been persuaded to set up a blog – and she asked me what the next steps should be. It is so easy to assume that others will know what to do; intuitively at least, however this assumption is not a valid one, especially where newbies are concerned. So, if you are new to blogging, and have just installed a WordPress blog, this post is for you. I will walk you through the five key things I suggest you do to clean up your WordPress installations. Ready? Read on!


1.     Go to your Dashboard>Posts section.  You will have a default post which is provided by WordPress entitled “Hello world”.  Hover over the title then click the “ Edit” link below it which will enable you to edit the title and content or you can Trash it- ie get rid of it.



2.    Next, delete the “Uncategorized” default wordpress category. To do this all you do again is to hover over the title and edit or change the name, ideally to one of your keywords.

Find Categories in your Dashboard here 300x178 10 Important tasks for your new WordPress blog 

 Enter the new “Name” of the category. I suggest leaving the slug empty, however do add a description then click the “Update” button.

Change  Uncategorized to a relevant keyword 300x281 10 Important tasks for your new WordPress blog



3.      Next work on your “Link Categories” which by default is referred to as the “Blogroll”. Click “Link Categories”, hover the “Blogroll” title, and click “Quick Edit”. Use a keyword friendly name instead.



4.  Your next ‘to do’ is to edit the default “About” page. Again all you need to do is click “Pages”, then hover the “About” title and click “edit” link.  You can edit both the title and the content. In this example it is referred to as a “Sample page”.

Edit your About or Sample page 001 218x300 10 Important tasks for your new WordPress blog


5.    Next, I suggest you delete the Mr Word Press default comment. Simply click on “Comments and hit the “Trash”.Remember to also visit your “Trash” and “empty trash” to clean this up too.

6.    Another important task for you is to change your username which is displayed to the public from “admin” as a login name to something different. To do this follow these easy steps:

·         Go to “Users” and then “Your Profile”.

·         In the “Nickname” field, type your chosen name

·         In the “Display name publicly as” field, use the drop down menu to select the nickname you chose.
Include any other important information as prompted then Click “Update Profile”.



7. Next we need to change the default tagline provided by WordPress. To do this, go to “Settings” and then hit the “general” button .Install your official email address where prompted. This is the email that you want be used for administrative purposes. 

Change the Tagline to a more relevant one 300x136 10 Important tasks for your new WordPress blog



You can select a Timezone if you wish, then click “Save Changes”.


8. You can also alter the space available for your blog posts. To do this go to “Settings” and then “Writing”.


Change “Size of the post box” to 20 lines or 30, which will change post box to be wider and easier to write more content.

Writing settings changed from 20 to 30 lines 300x219 10 Important tasks for your new WordPress blog



9.  You will need to configure your Discussion settings. Again, this is easy to do. Simply click on the modifications you want to make. You can find this under the Settings section in your Dashboard.




10. The final effective change you can make is to change your default permalinks. For useful reading on this go to


 To change your permalinks, follow the following easy steps

 Go to the “Settings” section of your dashboard and click this.
 Choose “Permalinks”
 Choose a permalink that appeals to you- a good choice is to go for the Custom structure and enter: 
Save changes”.

 Change your default permalinks here 001 300x237 10 Important tasks for your new WordPress blog

That's a starter for 10. There is much more you can do through your Dashboard menu of course, but these will get you started in the right direction. 


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