9 Facts About Page Rank You Need To Know

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There is huge amount of focus still placed on the Page Rank- and ongoing debate on how important it is in , well, pulling rank. I cannot answer the question  regarding its definitive importance, although it is safe to say that a low Page Rank normally suggests you  may have problems, and a high Page Rank would seem to indicate some measure of success. Except of course that this isn't always the case – a page with a low Page Rank could rank higher than one with a high Page Rank in some searches. When this happens, all it means is that the value provided by the high PageRank is not enough to outweigh the value of all the other factors of the page that Google invariably will take into account.


What is Page Rank?


Simply put Page Rank is the value that Google assigns to your site pages based on the links pointing to it. It is very easy to check the page rank of a web page- you can either install the Google toolbar or visit prchecker.info.  Generally speaking,  you would hope to see a value higher than zero if it's your site. Google uses an algorithm to work out Page Rank, and if you wish to know more about this there are lots of websites that explain the detail of it. It is also  worth  visiting Wikipedia .Better still, read /Google The PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web by founders Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page; the very same founders of Google. 


So what are the key things to know about PageRank?


1.As soon as your webpage is indexed, it has an intrinsic PageRank value. If your site has received links from pages that  have themselves not been indexed by Google, you will not receive any linking benefit from a PageRank point of view.


2.When a link is placed on a page pointing to another page, the page with the source link is in effect voting for the page which it points to. This is how PageRank increases. Furthermore the more links a page gets pointing to it the more its PageRank will grow.


3. A page does not lose PageRank by pointing to another page.


4.You can increase your overall PageRank (for your site) in two ways:

  •  Procure external links into your site
  • Increase the total number of pages in your site. However the actual amount of increase will not be great because the inherent PageRank of a new page is low.


5.The more links you have coming into your most important pages the better. This is because Googlewise, the page receiving the inbound link will receive the most gain. These should be the pages you want to be ranking high for in the search engine results. PageRank is then spread through links to other pages within the site but these pages will receive less of a boost.


6 Websites do not have a PageRank; it is the pages that have a PageRank (hence page rank). This means that even though your home page can have a PageRank of 6 your other pages can have lower PageRanks.


7. You can pass PageRank juice through your site by linking to another page if the page where the original link is placed on has a higher PageRank; also providing it  does not 'split votes' by linking to other pages as well. For example linking from page 1 to page 2 will pass PageRank from 1 to 2 ; page 1 will retain its PageRank value still.


8. A small site can increase its PageRank significantly by having a few incoming links from high PageRank sites; this is why blog-guesting from higher PageRank sites is a good strategy.


9.A good strategy is to distribute links evenly around your site by having lots of links. Link every page to every other page to ensure PageRank is well distributed.

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