When you are starting out into the world of copywriting, it can be helpful to have a smattering of role models to refer back to. Below is a list of some of our favourites, in no particular order. Check them out online, purchase their books; learn from the masters.


1.      Robert Bly


Bob Bly is considered to be the forerunner in internet marketing and original content writing. He has written several books on the subject, and has a website dedicated to his services. He not only writes original content, but teaches people how to write their own content perfectly suited for internet marketing and websites.


2.      Jamie Hudson


Based in the UK, Jamie Hudson is one of the top copywriters in his field. He is also one of the most successful freelance copywriters on the internet. He has over thirty year’s experience in copywriting, and offers a blog that helps people understand how to write great copy.


3.      Roberta Rosenberg


Roberta Rosenberg is a landing page specialist and direct mail copywriter. She too offers a blog that helps people become better copywriters, giving them tips on how to write the perfect landing page for their websites.


4.      Peter Bowerman


A super-talented veteran commercial copywriter. He is also author of the book, The Well Fed Writer, which gives commercial copywriters strategies, ideas and tips on how to become more successful.


5.      Lexi Rodrigo


Ms Rodrigo is has fast become well known in the copywriting world. She is an expert in driving traffic to websites with great copy, as well as enticing visitors to buy with even better copy.


6.      John Cullen


A UK based copywriter, John Cullen focuses on business web copywriting. He is talented in converting traffic to sales via great web copy.


7.      Brian Clark


The brain behind the addictive Copyblogger.com, Brian Clark gives advice to millions, teaching them to be better copywriters.


8.      Sean D’Souza


A New Zealand copywriter, Sean D’Souza has helped many writers get their start. He also writes a blog, which features great posts about how to get and keep customers with great copywriting.


9.      Tom Albrighton


Another great copywriter from the UK, Tom Albrighton is a principle at ABC Copywriting, one of the most successful copywriting services on the internet.


10. Jeff Bullas


Jeff Bullas the seemingly inexhaustible founder of Jeff Bullas .com; a prolific blogger and active presence on Social Media. His authority site is unparalleled in my view; he is generous with his content and his site is addictive reading for any aspiring or even established blogger.

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