How To Find Travel Blogs That Rock

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What does this have to do with Internet marketing strategies?


Quite a bit as it happens. Read on.


A Japanese friend of ours sent me an email asking for my  recommendations of European travel reviews to take with her on her travels around Europe.Too much information overload on the internet had left her feeling uninspired and she was looking for fresh, independent reviews of interesting, 'off the beaten track' places. How could she do this?


Lightbulb moment. Travel blogs!


 Most bloggers I know are forever looking of way to find new contexts that will render their blogs unique. It behoves us to do so.  What better opportunity therefore than for me to use this as fresh context  within which I can continue my efforts of passing on best practice internet marketing strategies to my SME subscribers – many of whom are simply ‘acquainted ‘ with this form of marketing. I’ll explain the steps I took to come up with a list of incredible, rockstar-status worthy travel bloggers on the planet.


Step 1

 Googling  “ Travelling  blog” revealed  this:


Travel Blogs

8pm bor How To Find Travel Blogs That Rock

travel blogs – Google Search via kwout



None of which really fitted the bill. My Japanese friend is a bright, witty person who would  need something a bit more ‘unique’, more ‘her’.' She wants fresh thinking, bold reviews of places she would like to visit.  She wants to be inspired and entertained. No more, no less.

Back to the drawing board.


Step 2.

 I used the advanced search operators in our ‘Getting Jiggy with Google’  E- book ( which you can download for free from our home page).  The query travel*blog Europe revealed some real gems including:

Founder  Karen Bryan  caught the travel bug when she was  19 and spent seven weeks exploring the Greek mainland and islands, where she met my husband Demetrius. The rest, as they say, is history.

Seth Kugel, the Frugal Traveler, seeks first-class living at steerage prices. Follow his column as he wines, dines, slogs and blogs his way around the world.'An excellent blog that rocks all the way to the (his)  bank.

Robin is a New Yorker, deeply in love with all things French and ItalianThis is a beautiful blog with enormous entertainment value:  There is something very magical that happens when I spend time in these places, and Europe in general. The culture has infected me. When I am there, I just come alive. I feel like I belong. The moment I leave, I can’t wait to get back”.


Other queries resulted in these excellent resources too:

EuroTrip Tips

Cheap Weekend Breaks


Step 3


 Apply a little internet marketing know-how:


Website Traffic


Google Analytics are privately accessed, however two powerful services to determine the most popuar blogs by numbers are  by their  Alexa and Compete ranks..


Subscriber base


If you know how many  email, RSS and Facebook subscribers there are , you can be fairly confident that the blog attracts a loyal readership.

Social Media Measures


Klout is a popular  measure a blogger’s “influence” in social media (Twitter)


Lists of the Best Travel Blogs


Lists that are performance related will at the very least give you an idea of where a travel blog stands in relation to their competition. Here are a few I had a look at:

Blog rank


Blog Rank uses over 20 different factors to rank the blogs in any category. These include RSS, unique monthly visitors, indexed pages, Google indexed pages, Yahoo indexed pages, number of incoming links via Yahoo, the ration of incoming links to numbers of pages, Google page rank, Alexa rank and Compete rank.


Finding the most influential travel blogger


Klout , Compete and Alexa are the tools  to use here. The blogs appearing on this list are a lesson in themselves in ‘how to write original content’;they are  inspiring and cutting-edge. Look out for The Longest Way Home- an outstanding blog.


Influencers in Travel.


This is a ist of the top 50 online travel influencers. Prepare to be inspired!


Peer index lists


My homework- searching for the best travel blogs for my Japanese friend, produced a manageable 20 blogs, out of which she selected 5.   5 blogs of outstanding quality and originality.


A quick summary

1) Use advanced search operators to refine your Google search. Download our E-book ‘Getting Jiggy with Google’ for a comprehensive list of different search queries.

2) Go through high performing lists for more options and whittle down your list from there.

3) Read and enjoy!



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