One of the impediments to beginning internet marketing is the bewildering array of jargon used.  Below is  your jargon-buster- an explanation of some of the main terms employed on the net, which I hope will  help make the whole internet adventure  much easier:




The set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps. Search engines use alogrithms to rank websites depending on what has been searched for.




Programs that you download onto your mobile phone


Banner ad:


Ads that sit on top of a web page.




E-mails that are returned to sender- undelivered.


Brochure site:

A website that just sits there , giving nothing but information.




Cost Per Action. Basically, you pay a given amount for every action, eg a sale, an enquiry, that results from a user clicking your ad. Types of CPA include Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale.




Cost Per Click. A good one to know. You pay a given amount each time someone clicks on your ad. Also known as Pay Per  Click.




Cost Per Mille. You basically pay for  every thousand ( hence the mille) impressions of your ad. An impression is a site serving the page containing your ad to a visitor, so CPM is you paying for a given amount fof a thousand people to see your ad.


Domain name:


A series of letters and numbers used to name organisations and computers and addresses on the net.




Talk about jargon. Buying and selling online.


Hypertext Markup Language: HTML.


This is a very  important one as it is the standard protocol for formatting and displaying documents on the web. It's worth whiile taking a course on the W3 schools online program.


Internet Advertising  Bureau (IAB


 This is the  Trade Association for anyone involved in internet advertising.


Internet Service Provider (ISP)


This is a company that provides access to the internet.



The words or phrases people enter into Google or any search engine to find what they are looking for on the net.


Landing Page.  


The web page where users 'land' on after clicking on a link. Advertising using Pay Per Click is used to drive traffic to appropriate Landing Pages.




A small site which is usually connected to your main one, but which contains specific information on a particular product, service or campaign.


Multivariant tests:

Test that let you test lots of different variables  at the same time.


Overlay ad:


An ad that  overlays the page the user is viewing. 




A web-based audio broadcast.


Rich media:


Content that is more complex than simple text thanks to the use of a variety of media eg video.


Site architecture:


The structure of a website.


Social Media:


Social media is  means of communicating your content online with others. Most people associate  Social Media with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, but it is clearly much more than that.


Tracking  cookie:


A piece of data left on your computer to show that you have visited a particular website .


Video blog:


A   blog in video format


Web 2.0


 A term used to descrie the phase of the Internet when it shifted from being about information to being about  communication and interaction. Usually associated with social media.



An online broadcast




A piece of website code  that is used to enable a specific function to that site. 



A visual guide to a site architecture.


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Are there any terms you have come across that we have not included? If so please let us know!

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