1. Learn from the Pros.

You have great content. The problem is that no-one knows it. What to do?

According to research done by Hiscox, a small business Insurance company, almost half of all small businesses are still not using Social media. Juxtapose this finding against another survey result which found that 92% of corporate USA companies are using social media, with the twin driving forces being both lead generation (through the engagement it provides) and customer service.


Another survey by the excellent emarketer " The Rise of the Social Advertiser", August 1, 2011 reported the top 5 social networks for marketing your business as shown:


Facebook-  Used by 93% of marketers , and there are 4 key elements that drive its dominance:

750 users

Availability of targeted demographic data

Self serve ad platform that makes it very easy for marketers to launch an advertising campaign




Used 78% of the time by the marketing manager. By comparison with Facebook  the revenue from ads , at just 140 million is low; with Facebook's revenue projected to exceed 2 billion this year.



You Tube -

Third at 61% , however, 20% of marketers in the survey indicated that they would begin campaigns on You Tube next year.



 A fabulous place to market high value products and services that are more B2B focused. At 44% nearly half of the companies are using it.


Four Square

Mobiles that are GPS enabled allows greater marketing options for local merchants that want to tempt buyers in the local area with alerts of offers. Marketers are using Four Square 16% of the time.


2. Start a You Tube channel

YouTube is the best classroom on the planet in my view. Learn, Share, Teach,  receive comments and ratings, respond to feedback and repeat the process. Creating a video couldn't be simpler , and yes, there is even a video tutorial on that.


3. Get on Twitter.

Follow the top people in  your Industry, have conversations with them, do searches on your keywords and keyphrases etc.  Announce new blog posts and other interesting facts and information about your company. If your customers are not on Twitter, give them an incentive to join – it will provide another means of you engaging with them and lead to lots of potential new leads. And it's pretty fun too.


4.Put up a Facebook Page


You can add your Facebook URL to your email signature to your email  signature and any other marketing bumpf  you have.

Post business updates on your wall, and generally focus on business activities; eg : Workshop with Maida Vale Timebank in September now planned- watch this space for confirmation of dates

Upload images, 'behind the scenes' shots , share useful articles via links and resources that will be of added value to your prospects on your facebook wall. 

There are many ways of automating social media posting ; which makes it all so easy. Another tip is that when you are asked a question on Twitter, post a blog about it.




5. Register on LinkedIn

Showcase your experise with LinkedIn questions; it's the world's largest Professional networking site.. A great community to be active in. Use widgets to integrate other tools such as importing your blog entries, or Twitter stream into yoru profile (www.widgetbox.com/tag/linkedIn).

Recommended reading: www.webworkerdaily.com/2009/07/13/33-ways-to-use-linkedin-for-business/#comments#comments


How about what not to do? Here are some suggestions:


Think about 'doing social networks'

  • Put it off
  • Procrastinate
  • Worry about how to do it-  think Nike – just do it
  • Wait for the right time


How do you ge your website to 'work harder for you'? Share your story with us.

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