6 Ways To Keep Your Content Unique

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Whether or not content is king, it is still a pretty important subject. To that end,  here are some very  tips on how to write on the same topic in 6 different ways .

As one wise person remarked: ‘There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt’. –Audre Lorde



1. Alter the structure

There are a number of ways this can be achieved; here are some of my favourites:


  • A resources guide
  • An experimental piece
  • Case studies
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Industry trends
  • Most read books/DVDs
  • Lists, eg The 10 best, 10 worst
  • 10 reasons why
  • Advice on any aspect
  • Most reported problems with
  • A How- to piece
  • An interview with a guru in the field
  • An inspirational text
  • Where to buy
  • Reviews
  • Checklists


2. Write for a different audience and apply any of the above suggestions in 1) above

Again achieving this is simple. If your audience was originally for tennis players, write the article so it fits a related group such tennis fans.  Eg:10 ways to get advance tickets for Wimbledon 2012


3 Write form a different perspective and apply the suggestions in 1)

Using the tennis example, how would a tennis critic view a subject? A sports lawyer? Or the social, political, technological and economic factors affecting the niche?



4. Write from different geographic perspectives and apply the suggestions in 1)

For example: National, International, Regional, within cities. Eg; turn the spotlight on Australian tennis players and create a top 10 list.



5. Take an opposite but credible view to the general consensus

How about ‘Content is not King'; giving robust reasons why you have come to this conclusion? You have no end of opportunities here.



6. Segment your topic into smaller niches


Using our tennis example, you could segment the niche by looking at different types of  tennis player ie; professional, semi-professional, junior;  then apply any of the suggestions in point 1 above. For example, give advice on how to qualify for entry into any of these groups.

If you were writing about Industry search engines , you could for example write about regional search engines, eg Web Wombat( Australia) or Brazil’s Exploora.


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