5 Steps to more sophisticated tweeting.

On August 15, 2011, in E-mail marketing, by Lola B

200 million Tweets are sent each day.

So, sharing your Tweets when it makes most sense is crucial.

So instead of Tweeting then, we suggest switching with a fabulous new form of sharing your Tweets.

It’s called Buffer.

 The Buffer App will post your tweets for you well spaced out over the day at times your followers are more likely to read them.

Here are some quick and easy tips to make the most of it by creating a more customized form of posting Tweets.

1. Add Tweets from any website

Never get distracted again from your Twitter stream if you are reading news. By installing one of the browser extensions you are able add any article with just one click on the Buffer icon. It gets better.

Automatically, the shortened link and title of the page will appear and you can add it to your Buffer. Life should not be complicated.


2. Buffering from Twitter.com

With Buffer you will be able to engage a lot more with followers by retweeting them, without doing too many RTs at a time (mea culpa).


3. Buffering Tweets from inside Google Reader

To tie in even more conveniently with your reading habits, Buffer works inside Google Reader too. If you are reading an article, simply use the browser extension and a new Tweet will be added to your Buffer.

4. Create Buffering Patterns for more customized timing

Do you Tweet less on weekends, more on a Friday or a Tuesday?

Here is where the new Buffering patterns come in.

You can create a different daily posting time for different days under “settings” and so create a more personalized Tweeting pattern:

5. Use built in analytics to optimize Tweeting

I am looking forward to using the built in analytics from Buffer. Whenever you send a Tweet, you will automatically know how many clicks, retweets and reach it received.

Give it one click on “analytics” and that’s it:

And now I’m hooked

By using Buffer, I feel I have managed to create a more consistent and regular presence on Twitter. No matter when I am reading my news, I will have the best pieces Tweeted out via Buffer at great times for my followers.  Click on the link for more Twitter tools.

Thanks to Leo and his team.

Give the Buff   a go here: Buffer

What are your thoughts on Buffer?


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