Guest posting is considered a good way of creating links back to your site. It's clearly not for everyone though, and you are betting on both your ability to powerfully communicate your credentials  and also the promises offered by your own website to potential visitors.

Although the main benefits are in the potential back links to your site,  other benefits of guest blogging include networking and branding. It probably isn't a good idea to start with the mindset of purely link building as this may well affect the quality of your content

Guest posting – an example of the success it can bring


Read this  cool post from Online Marketing Banter to find out just how powerful guest posting can be:


Where to start


  • You could start by using Google operators such as the inurl or intitle operators, for example , inurl: '"guest article" + keyword, or  intitle: "guest post" + keyword.
  • Make a list of the blogs you would like to guest post for making sure you genuinely have something of value to offer. Look for blogs on any of the site links on our home page( scroll down to the bottom to:  'find blogs in your niche')
  • Try sites such as  MyBlogguest. It is a portal bringing together bloggers looking for guestposts and others wanting to write them. Another place to look for posts is BloggerLinkUp. This is  a weekly newsletter telling you about bloggers asking for guestposts in certain topic areas.


What to guest post about


1.) Write up reviews of your own product

-Pick one which has the ability to solve a difficult problem for the customers which your  blog host targets

2.)Write a resource guide which includes your product or service.

Include well known products that fit into your niche as it is a good piece of 'ego bait' for targeting larger blogs.

3.)Write posts  around the Frequently Asked Products of your customers

More often than not, this will be a 'How To' article. 

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