Networking online and offline have one key similarity: the key to success lies in building genuine relationships that will hopefully result in win-win relationships. The old adage  'Give before you receive' is a golden rule of thumb in order to earn the  trust in those who you would like to trust you. Here are some tips to get you started:


1.Make a list of the blogs or sites in your niche that you woudl like to work with – as many as possible to start with. On our home page we list some websites you can use to help you locate blogs in specific niche.


2. Contact  these blogs or sites using their stated means of contact which could either be a contact form or an email address. Simply introduce yourself, mentioning that you work in the same niche and include the URL of your website in either the message itself or in the  signature.  Look for specific aspects of the site that you appreciate and say so, also why you like these aspects. It would be worth mentioning that you will try and link to the piece of content you have described, with an indication of when and why.


3. In our previous blog we mentioned the benefit of having an RSS subscription box on your website. It would similarly be worth subscribing to the RSS of the sites that you have listed in order to keep up with interesting developments and spot good ideas or products. The other advantage of doing this is that if you come across a piece of content that you really find valuable you can write about this , with your own response to it and link to the source of it.  Then, write to the owner of the piece of content you have just written about letting  them know that you have shared their content  together with your opinion of it on your site. Remembering to provide the link to your post.  There does seem to be a fear aobut linking out amongst many webowners; specifically the belief that you might lose your own readers if you do so or lose out on page rank. Most experts deny that this is the case, and Google also encourages webowners to use external links to enrich their sites.


4.Become someone that people want to link to.  There are several ways you can do this, such as voting for other people's sites on  social bookmarking sites, endorsing other people's products or services,  or recommending their websites as generously as possible. Doing good in this respect = Do follow.


5.If you are particularly proud of a piece of content you have written, or a new product or service you have just released, share this with all the people in your entire network and ask them for feedback by including a link to the content or product. Explain that you value their feedback or opinion and  explain also how the article, product or service will benefit people. It could also be that your content , product or service provides a complement to something on their website in which case they will be more likely to want to follow up on it.

Try these tips and let us know how you get on, by using our contact form!

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