Part 4 –

Create Page Titles containing your keywords

Now that you have your keywords which you have also worked into the content of your website, you can now pay attention to your page titles. Search engines give a great deal of weight to title tags so make good use of your keywords and key phrases in these. Each webpage should have a unique title tag.


The title is different from a headline that may appear in large letters near the top of your webpage. This title is contained in the HTML of the webpage between <TITLE>tags. This is the title that appears in the search results- not the headline of your page. So make it as inviting as possible as you want visitors to click on your titles and not others!


It is still considered good practice to write a description metatag as well for each webpage. Like the title tag, the metatag description does not appear on the visible webpage but it’s also embedded in the HTML code. Your description metatag needs to contain a couple of sentences describing the content of a particular webpage, making sure that all the important keywords contained on that page are included. The keywords in the metatag supply the search engine spiders that index your page valuable clues on how to classify and index your content. So, if the spider finds the same keyword in the title, description metatag, headlines and content, it can be ‘confident’ that your webpage will be relevant to a searcher’s keywords. To learn more about HTML tags visit the w3 schools site . In summary, your strategy should be to use the main keywords for a page in the title tag, plus description metatag, headline or subheadings and in your body text. Don’t overdo it though as I am told that search engines are becoming increasingly wise to copy that is written purely for the sake of optimisation( you’ve been warned)!

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