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On June 25, 2011, in Web design, by Lola B

Cutting to the chase, a tagline means being clear about three key areas:

  • Your mission
  • Your promise
  • Your brand

Knowing what you are trying to achieve and drilling it down into these three areas will provide a great reference point for all you do moving forward.

1.Your mission


Don’t be cool, be clear. Build your tagline around the purpose /point of your site. Try and really ‘nail this’.


Ask yourself ‘so what?’


Imagine your business is selling party goods. You sell discounted, party bags, paper cups, decorations and much more. Your blog’s purpose is to establish authority as a savvy party goods supplier.


How will you encourage your prospects to stay?


The answer is to challenge yourself by asking the “So what?” question. By adding solutions to your tagline, you’re telling people what is in it for them and what they will get from you.

2. Your promise


Make a features and benefits list:


  • First, make a list of every feature of your product or service.
  • Second, ask yourself why each feature is included in the first place.
  • Third, ask yourself “What’s in it for them”? and try and get to the emotional root of this.

An example of a ‘what’s in it for them’ for a particular news app for a mobile could be for example: “Keeps the things you read the most at the forefront when you’re in a hurry.”

Emotional Root:


“Stay up to date on the key things that add value to your work, without getting stressed out from information overload.”


Sell solutions or benefits, supported by features


A good thing to do is to sprinkle your content with benefits instead of waxing lyrical about the features of your product. Tell people what benefits they receive if they buy what you have to sell.


Example benefits for our party goods shop could be:


  • Saves you time as everything is under one roof
  • Saves you money due to discounts negotiated with trusted brands
  • Feel more relaxed knowing that everything you need has been taken care of
A tagline for our Party goods shop might be:


The one stop shop that saves you time and money’.


3: Brand


Your tagline should ideally reflect your business image. Differentiate yourself from the competition. Give people a taste of your brand in your tagline. Pick an adjective that encompasses your business image, take the summary of your benefits and tack that to your mission. What do you get?

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