If you own an internet business, your number one goal is to convert visitors into buyers.  This is not as simple as it may sound.  Consumers of today are critically aware of the perils and scams that pervade the internet . Legitimate businesses must find ways to separate their business from the herd of hooligans.


There are 9 vital steps you should take to improve the performance of youre-commerce business website.


 1.Provide Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).


  Informed consumers are used to researching products and services on their own.  Well organized sections of FAQ’s will be impressive and appreciated.


2.Provide Comparison to the Competition


Do not allow your prospect to go to a competitor’s site for information.  Detail the difference and advantages on your own site for a more enhanced one-stop-shopping experience.


3.Provide Guarantees to Reduce/Eliminate Risk


 A simple 100% money back guarantee will always do the trick as long as you make it simple.  Do not dilute the guarantee with restrictions and special exceptions.


4.Provide Current and Critical Facts and Information


 Skeptical consumers want information that is helpful in making a wise buying decision.  Hype rarely works today.  Solid and unbiased information will help set your business apart from the rest.


5.Provide an “About Us” Section with Personality



Let the consumer know exactly who you are and why you are in business.  You need to show prospects that you are about more than just making a profit.  How do you care and why you care are questions that need to be answered here.


6.Provide Actual Testimonials from Satisfied Customers.


  You need to make sure and never skimp on this vital area of your website.  People want to hear from other people who have purchased your product or services.  Real people will talk about both the good and bad side of anything that they have used or purchased.  Never put up fake testimonials.  Always use real people writing what they really feel.  Honesty and sincerity shows.


7.Provide Consistent Comfort to Consumers


It is as true on the internet as it is in person that you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.  Show your honesty, ethics, and sincere desire to be business of choice.  Comfort kills skepticism completely.


8.Provide Appropriate Videos.


  This is truly the YouTube era and everyone appreciates visual images of products and services.  Videos are just one more important way to allow a consumer to get to know you.


9.Pay a professional to design your site


 We have said this before and we’ll probably keep saying it! Unless you are an expert yourself, website design is not for amateurs.  No matter how intense your efforts, your site will lack the luster of good professional website design.  Go with the pros on this one. Improved business website performance will generate greater sales.  Incorporate the steps that have been discussed into your website and watch your business fly.

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